AKAI Z8 Software


Program Editor

Ak.Sys is the USB transfer software and editor for de Akai Z4/Z8, S5000/S6000 and MPC4000. The latest version is 2.53 (aksys253.exe) and itís from 2002. Lets hope someone makes a newer program editor because I think, this version is so obsolete. Thatís maybe the reason why I still use my old editors. At this moment I only use Ak.Sys for to store samples & programís and to back up my finished programís. I still make my programs (sample sets) in a MPC1000 editor : Bluebox. It has a very simple and efficient way to create programs, for example, load at ones 64 sounds and give chronometric keynummers from 35-96. Is a fast and handy function to make your test & drumkits.
Now I use a sample/program converter like Awave 10.6 (latest version) , but you can also use Cdextract, conversion also works in de demomode or Chickensystem Sampleconverter (see links). So I convert the sample set to a different folder and use only AKP program file. The converter sometimes changes the samples length, and sample names so donít use them. I (re-)edit the program further in the Z8, to correct possible conversion errors. With my long front-cable, I can get conferrable and when finished save it in my program folder. Donít forget to backup !


Software limitations

One of the biggest limitations of Ak.Sys, on PC : Ak.Sys & Z4/Z8 Driver is not compatible with 64bit (x64) version of Windows. So for the real (x64) professional this is bad news. In the time the Z-series sampler came out, 64bit OS was not so common like nowadays. Also the support of Akai is only the first few years when the hardware came out, so there is no way that this situation will change, or someone must find a good programmer with nothing to do.


Program Compatibility

A good converter program will support allmost all samplesets programs. With demo versions you can find out, if your sample & program conversion selection is supported. If the CD is unreadable because is not standard ISO 9660, also referred to as CDFS (Compact Disc File System), you still can convert it with Cdextract. The most Commercial Akai Sample CDís with samplesets contains different kind of programís, so there will be always one who is usable.

Picture S5000/S6000 USB card >>> SCSI to USB converter, supports by Ak.Sys.



I donít know this function is mentioned in the manual, i didnít see it, but when I bought this sampler it was installed with a boot-load folder called : Autofolder. All the files in this folder are automatically loaded whit power-up of the sampler. It will load all data extensions of the sampler, the multi files & samples, programs. I always put my samples & program sample sets in separate folders and leave the multiís outside, but still inside the autoload folder. You can autoload multiple multiís and so swith between different multiís without loading. Your limitation is the 512mb sampler-memory. .... MNX2010 April'03.