Akai Z4 / Z8 Hardware

Harddisks & Expansions


Akai Z8 Features:

24-bit/96kHz operation (*)
Q-Link knobs for realtime performance control
Automation of commonly performed sampling functions such as normalise and sample assignment
36/6-pole resonant filter types with special 'Triple' mode
New 24bit/96kHz 4-channel effects processor
Quick FX for rapid sound manipulation
Capacity for up to 512Mb on board SDRAM using off-the-shelf memory
USB host/slave connection - use off-the-shelf USB keyboards for easier naming and USB drives
ak.Sys software for computer control over USB
64-voice polyphony
Dual independent LFOs with internal and external modulation control and MIDI clock sync
Balanced analogue I/Os providing full 24bit/96kHz A/D and D/A conversion
Sample rate conversion
Choice of analogue or digital assignable multiple outputs
Sound Library compatibility with a wide range of Akai and other formats
FAT32/DOS disk format and .wav implemented as native format
.AIFF also supported using Mac ak.Sys
Removable front panel
* Polyphony is halved when running at 96kHz



midi output
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Note : I had many questions about the USB port, the speed and itís use.
Here the results of my speed test concerning the USB-Stick and (build-in) Flash disk.

Use the USB-Stick as a startup disk.


To use the USB-Stick as startup disk on the Z4/Z8, you need to disconnect
the harddisk-connectors (both flatcable and power) and better even remove
the harddisk, because itís noisy, slow, old & unreliable.
Put in a USB-Stick clean FAT32 formatted, with programs and samples
in an autoload folder. Thatís it, put the power on and it will load 
automatically, a bit slower as Flash but it's a very cheap solution. 
I use the synthy banks 1 & 2 in total 66MB. 
Here the outcome of the test :

Flash  >>>  Start Load - 13 sec  >>> End Time - 1:22 sec
USB  >>>  Start Load -  54 sec  >>> End Time - 2:47 sec

Conclusion : USB is much slower than Flash and it will take some time
to find the USB-Stick. In fact 41 sec more than the Flash and the loading
time is round a minute (for a 66MB) slower as  Flash. For more ideas,
questions and suggestions mail me. ByeÖ MNX2010 (dec2015)


Autoload folder for loading (for example) samples you often use
Inside the autoload folder structure : folder drumbank and drmulti01.akm 
is outside the drumbank folder. Inside the drumbank folder : samples & programs.

Akai IB48P

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