AKAI Z8 HD Replace Workshop



The original ATA100 Harddisk of the Z8/Z4 can best replaced by a flashdrive. I have some good experience with a compact flashdrive that is also used by the MPC1000. So I use the same cf disks that i recommended for the MPC1000 : Sandisk Ultra II. (see pic) They are fast and very reliable. The Z8/Z4 has a 3.5Ē Drive Bay space, so for the adapter I chose for the 3.5Ē Drive Bay model. After a long search on the web I found two companies, that still make these things : Startech & Addonics. (see below links)


Compact Flash

With a bay front loader, you can create different kinds of sample sets on disks, all with autoload. Therefore I use disks of 512 & 1000 mb, large enough, for the sampler, because of itís 512 mb memory. These disks are secondhand very cheap, but donít forget to back up you sets on your computer. Note : 1000 mb has some problems to format, but formated on the computer, autoload works.


Test new flashdrive before assembly

place-screw Format the disks in the sampler and install the Samples, Programs & Multiís, with AkSys, put them in an autoload folder. Now to load automatically your sample sets : put in the sample set disk in your adapter and put on the power switch and the samples, programs and multiís will load (more info : see software page).

Place the Flashdrive

So this is how you install this flash drive in your sampler :

  1. Remove the bay-cover, but be careful, this cover is connected at the bottom and at the top, not to left and right, like in a PC. (see pic)
  2. Remove the 3.5Ē hd bay on the bottom of the sampler, remove the Harddisk.
  3. Place the new flashdrive bay in the harddisk bay, use the front holes screws (see pic). The back holes, mark theme with a marker, before you drill some new holes.
  4. Assemble the bay, connect the IDE cable and power and do a test before closing the sampler. Now it is ready and you can change disks.



StarTech.com 3.5in Drive Bay IDE to Single CF SSD Adapter C :
URL >>> Azerty.nl >>> cf-adapter
URL >>> Acesdirect.nl >>> drive bay
URL >>> Startech.com >>> Compact-Flash-Adapter
Addonics IDE - CF Adapter Bootable CF Slot
URL >>> Addonics.com >>> IDE - CF Adapter Bootable Slot
URL >>> Addonics.com >>> IDE - CF Adapter PRO



It is also possible to autoboot from external hard disk and USB stick, but only when the hard disk or flash disk is removed. It will take some time but after a few minutes it will boot automatically. You better format your external disk with the sampler, that makes it more compatible. For more info on autoboot see software. If you want to add some important information email me. June 2013 (MNX2010)