AKAI Z8 sampler Info


The Z4 and Z8 are the world's first 24-bit/96kHz dedicated hardware-based samplers! Designed for professional audio production at a reasonable cost, the Z Series samplers offer all of the advantages of dedicated hardware, plus the interface power of ak.Sys. PC/Mac Control and Networking Software.
The Akai Professional Z4 and Z8 samplers are a completely new generation that eclipse the legacy of the legendary S Series samplers and surpass the requirements of a new generation of studio and live sampling applications.
The heart of the new Z Series is our new Z-96 LSI sampling engine coupled with a high-performance Intel CPU. This combination provides ultra-fast audio processing with up to 8 real-time controllers and 24-bit audio resolution with sample rates up to 96 kHz.

oude-situatie The Akai Z8 has been developed using the undisputed skills of Akai's worldwide engineering teams in tandem and the result is a super-sampler with the heritage of the "S" series but incorporating operational features from the unique "MPC" range and effects from the highly acclaimed DPS16.
The Z-series sampler engines are the same as the MPC4000 sampler engine! Currently the Z8 ships with 272MB of RAM and can be easily expanded to 512 MB using readily available 168-pin PC100 or PC133 DIMM memory.

place-rack A few feathers of the Z8 : Q-Link for real-time controller/modulation 2-pole x3 Multi Mode filter, maximal 36 dB/oct. with resonation New 24bit/96kHz 4 channel FX-processor*

USB for remote/editing from PC/Mac™ and use of harddisk- and cdrom drives and other USB hardware.

Dubbel independent LFO's with extern midi klok Balanced i/o 24bit/96kHz A/D en D/A conversion Support of 16- en 24 bit data in the same time Program compatible with AKAI S5000/S6000 & MPC4000

*(IB-48P & IB-4ADT Can not be installed at same time)